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‚Essen Express‘

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„Essen Express“ _ 53815gt _ Rotterdam Beercanaal (03-02-08)

The German containercarrier is pictured departing Europoort in the late evening of a very cold day. „Essen Express“ was built in 1993 and is in service for Hapag Lloyd all time long.


‚Frisia Lissabon‘

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„Frisia Lissabon“ _ 25406gt _ Rotterdam Maasmond (11-07-09)

The German managed „Frisia Lissabon“ is seen here outbound off the Maasvlakte coming from Rotterdam. The carrier is currenty sailing as „Csav Santos“ for Hartmann Schifffahrt, Germany.


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Kraftca (MM-260608-1)

„Kraftca“ _ 28289gt _ Cuxhaven (26-06-08)

The Ro-Ro carrier is streaming for sea coming out of the Baltic Sea. „Kraftca“ is managed by Spliethoff’s, Netherlands.

‚Rickmers Jakarta‘

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Rickmers Jakarta (MM-180406-1)

„Rickmers Jakarta“ _ 23119gt _ Cuxhaven (18-04-06)

The multipurpose cargovessel „Rickmers Jakarta“ made his way upon river Elbe. The vessel trades with a few sistervessels in a round the globe service for the German Rickmers managment.


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Tavastland (MM-240806-1)

„Tavastland“ _ 7519gt _ Cuxhaven (24-08-06)

A typical feedervessel trading on the north and the baltic sea is the German managed „Tavastland“, built at Sietas yard Neuenfelde in 2003. The Antigua & Barbuda flagged carrier was christened „Francop“ and renamed in this name later in 2006.

bow meets bow

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… means not the shipping company!

IMG_5005 190507

Rotterdam (19-05-07)

Talk is of this situation when the small tanker „Eberhard“ steams outbound on the Nieuwe Waterweg while the feedervessel „Electron“ just arrives at Europoort.

Working on the office building of the new Euromax terminal is in full progress as its pictured in the background.

have a good trip „Grace N“

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grace n

Cuxhaven (25-06-08)

The sun was still over the horizon when I realized that I overslept the passage of the VLOC „Grace N“. She sailed from Hamburg in the early morning hours and so she was off my photo location around 6 o’clock.

„Grace N“ trading for years for the German Neu Seeschifffahrt Hamburg has arrived Cuxhaven’s landmark Kugelbake and therewith the open sea.