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‚Mol Progress‘

Posted in cargovessels on Januar 30, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Mol Progress“ _ 74071gt _ Cuxhaven (26-06-09)

The boxcarrier is passing Cuxhaven with the afternoon high water bound for Hamburg.


‚Uct Engle‘

Posted in cargovessels on Januar 29, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Uct Engle“ _ 5815gt _ Hoek van Holland (08-05-09)

The German owned and managed products tanker „Uct Engle“ is approaching Rotterdam seen on the Nieuwe Waterweg.

‚Aenne Rickmers‘

Posted in cargovessels on Januar 28, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Aenne Rickmers“ _ 26131gt _ Cuxhaven (27-06-09)

The „Aenne Rickmers“ is approaching Hamburg. Seen off Cuxhaven upstreaming river Elbe.

Ertsoverslagbedrijf Europoort C.V. (EECV)

Posted in maritime photos & information on Januar 26, 2010 by Max Mueller

Rotterdam Maasvlakte (14-07-08)

Situated at the entrance of the Calandkanaal EECV handles all vessel sizes as can be seen on the shot the „Berge Stahl“, worlds largest bulker, is moored on berth no.1. Bulkers behind are „China Steel Team“ and the Hong Kong flagged „Taiju“.

‚Cs Chara‘

Posted in cargovessels on Januar 23, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Cs Chara“ _ 19918gt _ Cuxhaven (25-06-09)

Today’s post includes this typical crane bulker caused by the actual arrival of „Cs Chara“ at Hamburg this minutes on saturday, 23th.

‚Bow Santos‘

Posted in cargovessels on Januar 22, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Bow Santos“ _ 11986gt _ Rotterdam Maasmond (23-05-09)

The Norway flagged tanker departs Rotterdam Europoort, seen off the Maasmond.


Posted in cargovessels on Januar 20, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Roel“ _ 1927gt _ Cuxhaven (15-08-06)

The 1983 built cargovessel „Roel“ is seen inbound on river Elbe. In december 2009 the „Roel“ was flagged out to Turkey sailing under „Feyz-1“.