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„Aurelia“ _ IMO 9327102 _ 16683gt _ Cuxhaven (24-06-09)

The German flagged tanker encountered on river Elbe. „Aurelia“ was built in 2006 for the German Carl Büttner managment.


Stromkaje Bremerhaven

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Bremerhaven (23-06-09)

The longest river based quay is seen here from the Weserfähre Blexen – Bremerhaven. Bremerhaven is the second largest port in Germany and an important hub for container and car feeders for the Baltic sea.

‚Weser Stahl‘

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„Weser Stahl“ _ IMO 9186687 _ 28564gt _ Cuxhaven (11-04-09)

The selfdischarching bulker „Weser Stahl“ is a regular visitor in northern European harbours like Rotterdam and Bremen. This time the Cyprus flagged vessel was chartered several trips from Rotterdam via Kiel Kanal heading for the Baltic Sea.

‚Oocl Southampton‘

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„Oocl Southampton“ _ IMO 9310240 _ 89097gt _ Cuxhaven (31-03-2008)

The Hong Kong flagged carrier is a regular guest at Hamburg managed by Orient Overseas Container Lines. Atm this 88.000t class includes 12 vessels … more to come …

Impression no. I

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Cuxhaven (24-06-08)

This impression includes the small Cuxhaven based tanker „Herta“ and the old lady „Msc Lauren“ which has been already scrapped at India.

‚Tekhnolog Konyukhov‘

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„Tekhnolog Konyukhov“ _ IMO 7942350 _ 5370gt _ Rotterdam Maasmond (11-07-09)

The old Russian cargo vessel „Tekhnolog Konyukhov“ is arriving at Rotterdam. This vessel is one of the famous Pioner Moskvy family built in 1979 as „Rabenau“. The „Tekhnolog Konyukhov“ held its gears while a lot of sister vessels already have lost their characteristical derricks.

‚Xin Hua‘

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„Xin Hua“ _ IMO 8103834 _ 20432gt _ Cuxhaven (28-03-08)

The -82 built bulker is seen as „Abkhazia“ under Cambodia flag passing Cuxhaven.