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Posted in cargovessels on Juni 29, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Aalsmeergracht“ _ IMO 9044748 _ 7949gt _ Rotterdam (22-05-09)

The dutch vessel is managed by Spliethoff’s group, the Netherlands. „Aalsmeergracht“, pictured at the Nieuwe Waterweg, was built in 1992.


‚Mare Adriacum‘

Posted in cargovessels on Juni 28, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Mare Adriacum“ _ IMO 9260811 _ 59574gt _ Cuxhaven (11-04-06)

The 2004 built Italian crude oil tanker „Mare Adriacum“ is passing Cuxhaven inbound on river Elbe.

‚Chemway Gaia‘

Posted in cargovessels on Juni 27, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Chemway Gaia“ _ IMO 9354492 _ 25174gt _ Rotterdam (06-10-07)

The Japanese managed „Chemway Gaia“ pictured at the Caland Kanaal buoyage in the late evening.

‚Ubc Montreal‘

Posted in cargovessels on Juni 26, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Ubc Montreal“ _ IMO 9421178 _ 5630gt _ Cuxhaven (08-06-10)

The Dutch mini bulker is pictured on river Elbe.

‚King Byron‘

Posted in cargovessels on Juni 25, 2010 by Max Mueller

„King Byron“ _ IMO 9357781 _ 17964gt _ Cuxhaven (25-06-09)

„King Byron“ was built at the Aker MTW yard, Wismar in 2007. The 18.000t carrier is deployed in the FEMEX service connecting ports in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

‚Searose G‘

Posted in cargovessels on Juni 24, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Searose G“ _ IMO 9050096 _ 45593gt _ Cuxhaven (16-03-10)

The Bahamas flagged OBO carrier is approaching Hamburg.

‚Bsle Pacific‘

Posted in cargovessels on Juni 23, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Bsle Pacific“ _ IMO 8606264 _ 6500gt _ Cuxhaven (12-06-10)

The 1986 built freight vessel replaces the real classical „Bsle Epress“, which has been already sold for scrap, in the India & Persian Gulf service. „Bsle Pacific“ is pictured on river Elbe outbound for Bandar Abbas and Jeddah after loading at Hamburg.