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‚Front Champion‘

Posted in cargovessels on August 31, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Front Champion“ _ IMO 9166687 _ 157976gt _ Rotterdam (21-08-10)

The 1998 built crude oiltanker „Front Champion“ is arriving at Europoort in ballast.


‚Smit Elbe‘

Posted in cargovessels on August 30, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Smit Elbe“ _ IMO 9389485 _ 289gt _ Rotterdam (20-08-10)

The Bahamas flagged Smit tug is assisting the „Propontis“ that shifted from Calandkanaal to MOT berth I.

‚Anne Sibum‘

Posted in cargovessels on August 29, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Anne Aibum“ _ IMO 9396696 _ 10565gt _ Rotterdam (21-08-10)

„Anne Sibum“ is arriving at the Europoort coming from Kotka. The boxcarrier is deployed in an Evergreen operated feeder service connecting Helsinki and Kotka with Rotterdam. The „Cscl Africa“ can be seen in the background approaching Hamburg.

‚Sd Shark‘

Posted in cargovessels on August 27, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Sd Shark“ _ IMO 9410715 _ 486gt _ Rotterdam (20-08-10)

Some impressions of Kotug’s „Sd Shark“ shooted in front off the Maasmond. The 2008 built tug is assisting „Nyk Orion“ to its berth.

‚Ems Tug‘

Posted in cargovessels on August 26, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Ems Tug“ _ IMO 5067168_ 159gt _ Rotterdam (21-08-10)

This elderly tug was built in 1958 but is still in service for the Ems Offshore company. Seen off Rotterdam with in the background the Panama bulker „Top Wing“ shifting from Rotterdam to Europoort Calandkanaal.

‚Msc Alessia‘

Posted in cargovessels on August 25, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Msc Alessia“ _ IMO 9225653 _ 75590gt _ Rotterdam (30-07-10)

„Msc Alessia“ is managed by NSB Niederelbe, Buxtehude. Pictured on this shoot ariving at the Europoort.

‚Msc Sonia‘

Posted in cargovessels on August 24, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Msc Sonia“ _ IMO 9404663 _ 153092gt _ Rotterdam (21-08-10)

One of the largest box carrier actual sailing is seen moored at the ECT. „Msc Sonia“ was built at Daewoo, Okpo in 2010.