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‚Galina III‘

Posted in cargovessels on September 30, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Galina III“ _ IMO 7526912 _ 16699gt _ Cuxhaven (06-04-07)

The Ukrainian managed „Galina III“ has been already sold for scrap in the last year. The 1977 built cargo vessel is seen here passing Cuxhaven.


‚Stena Transfer‘ & ‚Stena Partner‘ to scrap

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„Stena Transfer“ _ IMO 7528570 _ 21162gt _ Rotterdam (24-05-09)

„Stena Partner“ _ IMO 7528635 _ 21162gt _ Rotterdam (08-05-09)

Both vessels were built in the late 70th at Hyundai, South Korea. Deployed at the Rotterdam – Harwich service, they were regular guests and often seen at Harwich and Rotterdam over years. They have been sold for scrap to Chinese buyers, awaiting to be broken up soon.

‚Apl Sardonyx‘

Posted in cargovessels on September 28, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Apl Sardonyx“ _ IMO 9077458 _ 53519gt _ Rotterdam (20-08-10)

„Apl Sardonyx“ was built in 1995 at Samsung Heavy Industries, Koje. The boxcarrier is seen leaving Europoort bound for Le Havre within the APX service connecting Europe with America and Asia.

‚Maersk Seville‘

Posted in cargovessels on September 27, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Maersk Seville“ _ IMO 9299927 _ 93511gt _ Rotterdam (11-07-09)

To berth at the APM Terminal Europoort. Its origin name is „Mahler Star“, so called for the Austrian composer Gustav Mahler. The German flagged vessel is manged by Blue Star, Hamburg.

‚Bro Promotion‘

Posted in cargovessels on September 25, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Bro Promotion“ _ IMO 9171503 _ 29289gt _ Rotterdam (30-07-10)

The Swedish flagged „Maersk Carla“ is seen under its previous name „Bro Promotion“ in Rotterdam Calandkanaal.

‚Amber Lagoon‘

Posted in cargovessels on September 24, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Amber Lagoon“ _ IMO 9138123 _ 23401gt _ Hamburg (09-06-10)

The 1997 built cargo liner is departing Hamburg. „Amber Lagoon“ is connecting Europe with the Eastern and South African continent.

‚Bro Ellen‘

Posted in cargovessels on September 23, 2010 by Max Mueller

„Bro Ellen“ _ IMO 9210907 _ 24099gt _ Rotterdam (10-04-10)

The French tanker „Bro Ellen“ is spotted shifting from Calandkanaal to Rotterdam. Vessel was renamed in „Maersk Ellen“ a few month later.