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‚Scan Espana‘

Posted in cargovessels on Mai 31, 2011 by Max Mueller

„Scan Espana“ _ IMO 9538907 _ 12679gt _ Singapore (22-02-11)

The German „Scan Espana“ is a Ro-Ro cargo vessel, spotted at the Singapore Eastern Anchorage.



Posted in cargovessels on Mai 30, 2011 by Max Mueller

„Meridiana“ _ IMO 9033969 _ 20200gt _ Singapore (22-02-11)

The 1994 blt oiltanker „Meridiana“ on anchor at the Eastern Anchorage with the VLCC „Universal Prime“ in background.

‚Hyundai Bangkok‘

Posted in cargovessels on Mai 27, 2011 by Max Mueller

„Hyundai Bangkok“ _ IMO 9323510 _ 74651 gt _ Singapore (23-02-11)

The „Hyundai Bangkok“ is departing Singapore in eastern direction bound for Hong Kong.

‚Voyager 1‘

Posted in cargovessels on Mai 26, 2011 by Max Mueller

„Voyager 1“ _ IMO 9105061 _ 26218gt _ Singapore (21-02-11)

The products tanker is spotted on anchor off Sentosa Island. „Voyager 1“ was build in 1996 flying the Barbados flag.

‚Hunsa Bhum‘

Posted in cargovessels on Mai 24, 2011 by Max Mueller

„Hunsa Bhum“ _ IMO 9110949 _ 13188gt _ Singapore (23-02-11)

The „Singapore Flyer“ is the worlds largest big wheel, it can be seen in the background of the departing „Hunsa Bhum“. This 1995blt vessel is under care of the Singapore based RCL shipmanagement.

‚Neptank VIII‘

Posted in cargovessels on Mai 23, 2011 by Max Mueller

„Neptank VIII“ _ IMO 8916982 _ 2657gt _ Singapore (23-02-11)

The Singapore based bunkertanker is passing Kusu Island. „Neptank VIII“ was build in 1990.

‚Bw Stadt‘

Posted in cargovessels on Mai 22, 2011 by Max Mueller

„Bw Stadt“ _ IMO 9005170 _ 160467gt _ Singapore (22-02-11)

Another VLCC I’ve seen on the roads off Singapore is the 1994blt Panama flag „Bw Stadt“. Built at the Sumitomo Shipbuilding Company in Japan.