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‚Vienna Express‘

Posted in cargovessels on Februar 29, 2012 by Max Mueller

„Vienna Express“ _ IMO 9450416 _ 93750gt _ Singapore (22-02-12)

A boxcarrier is about to berth at one of Singapore’s containerterminals close to the inner-city with the impressive skyline and a thunderstorm in the background. It is the 2010 built and German „Vienna Express“.


‚Atlantic Innovator‘

Posted in cargovessels on Februar 27, 2012 by Max Mueller

„Atlantic Innovator“ _ IMO 9367712 _ 26900gt _ Singapore (21-02-12)

This Japanese products tanker is spotted on anchor off Singapore. „Atlantic Innovator“ was build in 2008 and is under Nyk Shipmanagement.

‚Asian Progress III‘

Posted in cargovessels on Februar 26, 2012 by Max Mueller

„Asian Progress III“ _ IMO 9294290 _ 159875gt _ Singapore (22-02-12)

The fully laden VLCC is passing Kusu Island eastbound.

‚Chandi Prasad‘

Posted in cargovessels on Februar 25, 2012 by Max Mueller

„Chandi Prasad“ _ IMO 8804098 _ 77655gt _ Singapore (19-02-12)

The 1989 built and India flag caper „Chandi Prasad“ is heading for west in Singapore strait.

‚Mcp Bilbao‘

Posted in cargovessels on Februar 24, 2012 by Max Mueller

„Mcp Bilbao“ _ IMO 9371907 _ 5316gt _ Singapore (22-02-12)

„Mcp Bilbao“ is approaching the Pasir Panjang Terminal.

‚Ti Oceania‘

Posted in cargovessels on Februar 23, 2012 by Max Mueller

„Ti Oceania“ _ IMO 9246633 _ 234006gt _ Singapore (21-02-12)

The worlds largest doublehull tanker is the 2003 built and OSG managed „Ti Oceania“ which is seen on the Singapore Eastern Anchorage. She is one out of a quartett delivered by Korean Daewoo Shipbuilding to the Greek Hellespont group. „Ti Oceania“ is the last which is in service as a crude oiltanker, all others has been converted to FSPO units in the meantime.

I will be on travel for about a week, so there will be no updates during this period. Yours, truly.

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