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‚Ce Breeze‘

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Ce-Breeze (MM-160912-1) copy

Ce-Breeze (MM-160912-2) copy

Ce-Breeze (MM-160912-3) copy

„Ce Breeze“ _ IMO 9110597 _ 56,951gt _ Istanbul (16-09-12)

„Ce Breeze“ is heading for Suapa, seen entering the Bosphorus.



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bremerhaven 220512

This situation took place on river Weser near Bremerhaven on may 22th, 2012 during sunrise.

Merry Christmas to all my visitors around the globe. Have some quite and homely hours with your families and friends.

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‚Fugro Saltire‘

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Fugro Saltire (MM-281012-1) copy

Fugro Saltire (MM-281012-2) copy

„Fugro Saltire“ _ IMO 9377016 _ 9,603gt _ Rotterdam (28-10-12)

The Norwegian multi purpose offshore vessel „Fugro Saltire“ is seen inbound Rotterdam for Waalhaven.


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Tamrey klein (MM-160912-1)

„Tamrey“ _ IMO 8518651 _ 14,877gt _ Istanbul (16-09-12)

„Tamrey“ has just entered the Bosphorus and is seen off Üsküdar now heading for Novorossiysk.


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Shizukisan 220212

„Shizukisan“ _ IMO 9339997 _ 160,078gt _ Singapore (22-02-12)

The Japanese VLCC „Shizukisan“bound for the Far East from the Al Shaheen oil Field located in the Persian Gulf.


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Tegucigalpa (MM-160912-1) copy

„Tegucigalpa“ _ IMO 7387237 _ 7,468gt _ Istanbul (16-09-12)

The 1975 built „Tegucigalpa“ is seen of Kandilli heading for south.