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‚Maersk Madrid‘ sold for scrap

Posted in cargovessels on Mai 28, 2013 by Max Mueller

Maersk Madrid (MM-061011-1) Kopie Maersk Madrid (MM-061011-2) Kopie

“Maersk Madrid” _ IMO 8808628 _ 50,538gt _ Rotterdam (06-10-11)

The 1989 built panmax vessel „Maersk Madrid“ is seen as she leaves Rotterdam bound for sea. She was reported to sold for scrap now.



Posted in cargovessels on Mai 26, 2013 by Max Mueller

Ryuohsan 190212

„Ryuohsan“ _ IMO 9197844 _ 149,282gt _ Singapore (19-02-12)

The japanese VLCC „Ryuohsan“ eastbound in Singapore strait.

‚Ziad Star‘

Posted in cargovessels on Mai 25, 2013 by Max Mueller

Ziad Star 131011

„Ziad Star“ _ IMO 8131348 _ 4,483gt _ Istanbul (13-10-11)

General cargovessel „Ziad Star“ is seen northbound on the Bosphorus.

‚Cma Cgm Mozart‘

Posted in cargovessels on Mai 23, 2013 by Max Mueller

Cma Cgm Mozart (MM-300413-1) Kopie

„Cma Cgm Mozart“ _ IMO 9280615 _ 65,730gt _ Rotterdam (30-04-13)

South Korean built Postpanmax vessel „Cma Cgm Mozart“ is sailing for Hamburg.

‚Bbc Moonstone‘

Posted in cargovessels on Mai 22, 2013 by Max Mueller

bbc moonstone 070413

Bbc Moonstone (MM-070413-2) Kopie

„Bbc Moonstone“ _ IMO 9563732 _ 12-838gt _ Cuxhaven (07-04-13)

German heavy lift carrier „Bbc Moonstone“ is seen on its maiden voyage.

‚Cape Claudine‘

Posted in cargovessels on Mai 20, 2013 by Max Mueller

Cape Claudine (MM-010513-1) Kopie

“Cape Claudine” _ IMO 9444534 _ 95,309gt _ Rotterdam (01-05-13)

Capesize bulker „Cape Claudine“ being discharged at the EECV.

‚Ns Burgas‘

Posted in cargovessels on Mai 18, 2013 by Max Mueller

Ns Burgas (MM-300413-1) Kopie Ns Burgas (MM-300413-2) Kopie

„Ns Burgas“ _ IMO 9411020 _ 83,747gt _ Rotterdam (30-04-13)

Suezmax tanker „Ns Burgas“ comes into Rotterdam Europoort.