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‚Berge Bureya‘

Posted in cargovessels on Juni 29, 2013 by Max Mueller

Berge Bureya (MM-160613-1) Kopie

Berge Bureya (MM-160613-2) Kopie

“Berge Bureya” _ IMO 9036454 _ 155,823gt _ Rotterdam (16-06-13)

VLOC „Berge Bureya“ is berthed at EECV to unload ore from Tubarao.


‚Maran Capricorn‘

Posted in cargovessels on Juni 27, 2013 by Max Mueller

Maran Capricorn (MM-160613-1) Kopie Maran Capricorn (MM-160613-2) Kopie

„Maran Capricorn“ _ IMO 9389019 _ 158,970gt

The Greece VLCC is moored on a layby berth where it takes over cargo for Singapore by sts transfer. „Maran Capricorn“ is built by Daewoo Shipbuilding in 2008. Seen on june 16th, 2013, Rotterdam Calandkanaal.

‚Cosco Belgium‘

Posted in cargovessels on Juni 24, 2013 by Max Mueller

Cosco Belgium (MM-160613-1) Kopie Cosco Belgium (MM-160613-2) Kopie

„Cosco Belgium“ _ IMO 9516404 153,666gt _ Rotterdam (16-06-13)

The Hong Kong flagged vessel is sailing for Felixstowe.


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Sparta klein (MM-160613-1)

„Sparta“ _ IMO 9493860 _ 91,373gt _ Rotterdam (16-06-13)

Capesize bulker „Sparta“ comes in for EMO.


Posted in cargovessels on Juni 21, 2013 by Max Mueller

Socrates (MM-160613-1)1

„Socrates“ _ IMO 9390692_ 41,676gt _ Rotterdam (16-06-13)

Berthed at Vopak, 7e Petroleumhaven.

‚British Cygnet‘

Posted in cargovessels on Juni 19, 2013 by Max Mueller

British Cygnet (MM-160613-1) Kopie Kopie British Cygnet (MM-160613-2) Kopie

„British Cygnet“ _ IMO 9297345 _ 63,462gt _ Rotterdam (16-06-13)

Aframax tanker „British Cygnet“ is seen at the Team Terminal Europoort.

‚Star Vega‘

Posted in cargovessels on Juni 17, 2013 by Max Mueller

Star Vega (MM-160613-1) Kopie

„Star Vega“ _ IMO 8307416 _ 24,943gt _ Rotterdam (16-06-13)

The 1985 built bulker is seen in the Beneluxhaven where it arrived on the 11th of June from Varna, Bulgaria.