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‚Grande Buenos Aires‘

Posted in cargovessels on Oktober 28, 2014 by Max Mueller

Grande Buenos aires (MM-241014-1) Kopie

„Grande Buenos Aires“ _ IMO9253210 _ 56,738gt _ CUxhaven (24-10-14)

Seen a few moments before passing Cuxhaven.


‚Safmarine Longa‘

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Safmarine Longa (MM-290914-1) Kopie

„Safmarine Longa“ _ IMO 9500077 _ 9,772gt _ Cape Town (29-09-14)

German owned cargovessel „Safmarine Longa“ is leaving Cape Town for Durban.

‚Rickmers Malaysia‘

Posted in cargovessels on Oktober 17, 2014 by Max Mueller

Rickmers Malaysia (MM-300914-1) Kopie

„Rickmers Malaysia“ _ IMO 9428322 _ 16,162gt _ Cape Town (30-09-14)

„Rickmers Malaysia“ is serving between southern African ports in Namibia, South Africa and Mozambique. Seen at the Transnet Containerterminal.

‚Africa Mercy‘

Posted in cargovessels on Oktober 12, 2014 by Max Mueller

Africa Mercy (MM-300914-1) Kopie

„Africa Mercy“ _ IMO 7803188 _ 16,572gt _ Cape Town (30-09-14)

Cape Town hosted the world’s largest civilian hospital ship, „Africa Mercy“ which docked at the Waterfront on sep 29th. The vessel offered three open days from October 10 to 12 at Quay 6 outside Table Bay Hotel. Different than originally planned „Africa Mercy“ will sail for its next field service to Madagascar and not to Benin because of rapid expansion of Ebola epidemic in Western Africa. Field services were held in the Republic of Congo and more than 2,500 patiens have been doctored during its ten month stay in the last year.

The 1980 built vessel was originally launched as a ferryship „Dronning Ingrid“ serving the Baltic Sea for years before converted to a floating hospital. The „Africa Mercy“ is operated and stuffed by volunteers and provides medical care for free to humans across the African shore suffering from a variety of curable medical condition. It is fully equipped with five operation rooms and a modern hospital. Surgical operations are free of charge to all people who have no access to surgical health care.

‚Uacc Harmony‘

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Uacc Harmony (MM-290914-1) Kopie

„Uacc Harmony“ _ IMO 9288289 _ 28,059gt _ Cape Town (29-09-14)

Tanker „Uacc Harmony“ is seen in Table Bay anchorage.

Duncan Dock

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Jia Qiang & Lipica (MM-300914-1) Kopie

Bulkers „Jia Qiang“ and „Lipica“ discharging at Ducan Dock in Cape Town on sep 30th, 2014.