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„Blumenau“ _ IMO 9605633 _ 43,951gt _ Cuxhaven (28-07-15)

The German managed bulkcarrier „Blumenau“ makes its way up on river Elbe in the early morning. The vessel is destined for Hamburg to load agricultural products.


‚Gener8 Horn‘

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Gener8 Horn (MM-201015-1) Kopie Gener8 Horn (MM-201015-2) Kopie

„Gener8 Horn“ _ IMO 9173757 _ 81,526gt _ Rotterdam (20-10-15)

Suezmax tanker „Gener8 Horn“ is coming into Rotterdam.

‚Cs Salina‘

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Cs Salina (MM-201015-1) Kopie Cs Salina (MM-201015-2) Kopie

„Cs Salina“ _ IMO 9300192 _ 20,225gt _ Rotterdam (20-10-15)

After a short time on anchor the „Cs Salina“ is finally heading for Rotterdam from Rio de Janeiro.