‚Mandarin Crown‘

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Mandarin Crown

„Mandarin Crown“ _ IMO 9569229 _ 32,987gt _ Vancouver (19-08-15)

Berthed in the Burrard Inlet.



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„Blumenau“ _ IMO 9605633 _ 43,951gt _ Cuxhaven (28-07-15)

The German managed bulkcarrier „Blumenau“ makes its way up on river Elbe in the early morning. The vessel is destined for Hamburg to load agricultural products.

‚Gener8 Horn‘

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Gener8 Horn (MM-201015-1) Kopie Gener8 Horn (MM-201015-2) Kopie

„Gener8 Horn“ _ IMO 9173757 _ 81,526gt _ Rotterdam (20-10-15)

Suezmax tanker „Gener8 Horn“ is coming into Rotterdam.

‚Cs Salina‘

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Cs Salina (MM-201015-1) Kopie Cs Salina (MM-201015-2) Kopie

„Cs Salina“ _ IMO 9300192 _ 20,225gt _ Rotterdam (20-10-15)

After a short time on anchor the „Cs Salina“ is finally heading for Rotterdam from Rio de Janeiro.


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Seeb (MM-201015-1) Kopie

„Seeb“ _ IMO 9500716 _ 319,439gt _ Rotterdam (20-10-15)

The Omani VLCC „Seeb“ is about to berth finally at Vopak to load fuels for Singapore.

‚Happy Star‘

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Happy Star (MM-201015-1) Happy Star (MM-201015-2) Happy Star (MM-201015-3) Happy Star (MM-201015-4)

„Happy Star“ _ IMO 9661259 _ 18,062gt _ Rozenburg (20-10-15)

BigLift Shipping’s heavy-lift vessel „Happy Star“ arrives in the Port of Rotterdam. This is the first time „Happy Star“ has visited the Netherlands, bringing with her Damen’s largest transportation of stock vessels to date; a total of 22 vessels. Whilst several of these have already been sold, a number are still available and can be delivered quickly. (© http://www.portofrotterdam.nl)

Please find more information on https://www.portofrotterdam.com/en/news-and-press-releases/happy-star-with-22-damen-vessels-arrives-in-rotterdam

‚Nord Draco‘

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Nord Draco (MM-290715-1) Kopie Nord Draco (MM-290715-2) Kopie Nord Draco (MM-290715-3) Kopie

„Nord Draco“ _ IMO 9713911 _ 45,229gt _ Stadersand (29-07-15)

The Japanese built bulkcarrier „Nord Draco“ is passing by on river Elbe upward bound for Hamburg.